Embarrassed By Your Ability to Market a Home? Here’s What To Do


If you are a real estate agent then you understand how important it is for you to be a marketing guru. If you cannot market your listings then you simply cannot make sales. But, if you are newer to selling real estate then you may not be great at marketing. We can help you with that. If you are embarrassed by your ability to market a home then here’s what to do.

By the way, as an example, Arizona Real Estate listed on azef.org follows the exact protocol we discuss in this article. The group does a fantastic job of marketing their houses for sale in Chandler AZ, as well as the create your own personalized home search script they use to display their listings. Okay, back to the article now.

Find a Mentor

We realize that real estate is a notoriously cutthroat environment. There are many experienced agents that aren’t willing to help “newbies”. But, there are some that will. The best place to find a great mentor is someone who is closer to retirement and/or has a steady client book. They do not have to do as much marketing, have already proven their success, and are more likely to help new people.

Go to the Internet

We are going to give you an idea for marketing that might seem unconventional. We have met many real estate agents that feel like their industry just doesn’t match up to anyone else’s. But, believe it or not, there are many marketing skills and strategies that work for a variety of industries.

We suggest that you learn from some of the best marketers that are alive. That is highly successful affiliate marketers. They make their living by building websites that get noticed in search engines and create organic traffic. That is traffic they don’t have to pay for. They also are great at making sales without every seeing their buyers. This is one of the toughest forms of marketing by reading websites like smartpassiveincome.com you can learn techniques that also work for real estate.

Personal Branding

The old saying that people buy from people they like is very true. It is extremely true in areas where you are talking about big ticket purchases like homes. You are not just selling your listings but selling yourself. The most successful real estate agents know that you want your name on the tip of everyone’s tongue. When you are thinks about real estate then you want them to think about you.

Personal branding begins with your visibility. This is a multi-level approach. You want to have a quality website that doesn’t just show your listings but also showcases your experience. You also want to invoke social media. You want to build a following. But, you want to do things offline. Joining community organizations are still available.

Increasing your marketing knowledge is crucial for real estate agents. Fortunately, there are many places that you can turn to increase your knowledge. A great way to start is by finding another real estate agent that is willing to be a mentor for you. You also can learn from some of the toughest and most successful marketers out there, affiliate marketers. You also want to put some time into personal branding. So, put these to work for you today and stop being embarrassed by your ability to market a home.