Guide to The Different Ecommerce Software Types


Understanding technology is one of the biggest keys to succeeding online with a new online store. If you’re lost, try modeling successful companies like They do a great job of organizing their categories and providing stellar customer service.

There are many things to consider when building your Ecommerce site. One of these is the type of software that will run it. As the number of online retail stores has increased, so have the options for Ecommerce software.

There are now several different types of software available to run your store. To help with your decision, we are providing this guide to the different Ecommerce software types.

Externally Hosted

This is the type of Ecommerce software that you often see in new sites. They also are the favorite for one man businesses. They can be setup extremely cheaply. They offer themes that can be easily customized. All you really have to do is put your logo on them and change the colors to go with the logo.

The low cost is one of the things that makes this type so attractive. But, there are some downsides. Just like creating a blog with a platform like WordPress, you are somewhat limited in customization. They may offer several options. However, outside of those, you either will need a great deal of technical knowledge or will just be out of luck.


This is the type that you will see many businesses use. It is hosted on either your own physical servers or on a virtual server. Virtual servers are basically server space that you pay a hosting company for. There are definite advantages to this type. You have control over the ecommerce software that you install. You also have control over the hosting. This type of software also allows much more customization.

Advantages to the First Two Models

Whether you choose an externally hosted or self-hosted option, there are some more advantages over the third option that we will discuss. They both provide access to the ecommerce company that made them. If you get stuck then you have access to their customer service and technical support.

Open Source

This type of ecommerce software can seem alluring. After all, open source is software that you have complete control over. It has been updated by people around the world. It also is free. The issue with this type is that anyone has been able to add code to it. There is no guarantee about the quality of this code. You also don’t have the customer service or technical support available.

When you are starting your online store, there are many decisions to make. One of these is which type of ecommerce software to choose. You can go with externally hosted software that is customizable but hosted offsite. You can host the software yourself. You also can go with open source software. Keep in mind that open source doesn’t allow access to customer service or technical support. This article has put you on the path to understanding more about each option. As you make your choice, keep this guide to different ecommerce software types in mind.

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