Utilizing SEO for Real-Time Lead Targeting

When it comes to the last 20 years, nothing has quite been so dramatic as the internet. It’s revolutionized many different niches, put others out of business, and has also change the way we’re able to target users who are looking to spend money. Search engine optimization gives us the unique opportunity to target people while they’re looking for our service. Read that last statement again real fast. Think about that. A few decades ago, how would we ever have done that? Now, we can optimize our website to target someone while they’re searching for our service. That’s absolutely incredible.

Bradley Barks from Scottsdale, Arizona says it best: “Gone are the days of when consumers flipped through the Yellow Pages. Now they’re on Google searching for your business. Before the Internet, we had never seen something convert as high as SEO traffic does. It doesn’t matter if it’s local or national, it’s incredibly powerful.” Now, it does take time to optimize your website, build links, and so forth, but if you’re working on your business and it is successful, you owe it to yourself to commit budget and time to ranking.

How? Hire someone. Seriously. There’s no reason to learn a whole new trade. There are individuals and agencies out there that study this stuff all day long. Yes you should have good content. Yes you should have an easy to use website. Yes you should have links going to your website. Accomplishing all of this is another whole task entirely. Ask around, do some searches yourself, and find someone to work with. Results do take time to achieve. Once you find that person you trust and can prove their track record, go all in. It takes that kind of focus to make a big impact and utilize this marketing channel for all it’s worth. Thank us later.